Wed 20th February

What lessons can China’s policy-makers learn from Japan?

Time: 2 - 3pm
Venue: D202
Speaker: Mr. Julian Jessop

China today faces many of the challenges that Japan had to deal with in the 1980s and early 1990s: high rates of saving and investment, an over-reliance on bank finance, the emergence of asset price bubbles, heavy state intervention, booming exports and growing trade tensions with the West. Admittedly, China is at a much earlier stage of economic development. Nonetheless, there are enough similarities to ask what lessons can be drawn from the Japanese experience.

Julian Jessop is Capital Economics’ Chief International Economist and is also a Director of the company. He joined the company from Standard Chartered Bank, where he was Senior International Economist responsible for analysing the G7 economies and the emerging markets of Asia. Julian has held senior economist positions at HSBC and the Japanese bank Nikko, and worked as an Economic Adviser at the UK Treasury. He has two degrees in Economics from Cambridge University. Capital Economics is one of the leading economic research consultancies in the UK, having over 300 regular clients, ranging from some of the world’s largest banks to boutique property investors.

*Organised by LSESU China Development Society

A workshop on Peking Opera - 'An Actor Prepares': Introductory performance and talk-demonstration

Time: 3 - 4pm
Venue: G1
Speaker: London Jing Kun Opera Association

Join us for a very interactive workshop on Peking Opera in which we have:
One actor puts on opera stage make-up and costumes in front of audience, while actor/presenter explains process. Actor performs a 7-minute piece to CD or live music. Actor-presenter gives further movement demonstration.
Basic introduction to use of stage, role types, meaning of colours and patterns in costumes and painted-faces will be presented on Power Point slides (optional).

Audience will be invited to follow some basic hand movements and voice use.
A limited number of groups will have the chance to try their hands on the percussion instruments and to follow the actors in movements, if time allows.

*Organised by LSESU China Development Society

China Week Basketball Match (CSSA VS Chinese Society)

Time: 6 - 8pm
Venue: South Bank Sports Centre

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