Tue 19th February

LSESU China Week Food Fair 2008

Time: 12 - 2pm
Venue: Houghton Street Hand

Written Chinese couplets

Time: 12 - 2pm
Venue: Houghton Street

Do you want to get some luck in the year of the rat? Come to Houghton Street and get your words of luck from our chinese calligraphers!
*Organised by LSESU HKPASS

Fortune Telling

Time: 12 - 2pm
Venue: Houghton Street

Unique Chinese fortune telling which tells you many things about yourself in the coming year.
*Organised by LSESU HKPASS

What does China think?

Time: 2 - 3pm
Venue: U8
Speaker: Mr. Mark Leonard

Very few things that happen in our lifetime will be remembered after we are dead. But China’s rise is different: like the rise and fall of Rome or the Soviet Empire, its after-effects will echo down the generations to come. So why is it that we know almost nothing about the thinkers in China who are shaping their country’s future? What kind of country are they dreaming of? How do they see their influence in the world? We might know that half of the world’s clothes and footwear have a ‘Made in China’ label and that our economies are inextricably linked with China’s - but do we know about China’s experiments with democracy; about its anti-globalisation movement; and about its plans to deal with America as its own influence grows across the globe? Mark Leonard provides a fascinating and unexpected perspective on the debates raging with Chinese Society today and shows us just how radically China’s rise will change the nature of our world.

Mark is Executive Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations. Previously he was Director of Foreign Policy at the Centre for European Reform, and Director of the Foreign Policy Centre. Mark has spent time in Washington as a Transatlantic fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, and in Beijing as a visiting scholar at the Chinese Academy for Social Sciences. He is a prolific writer and commentator whose work has appeared in publications including Time, The Guardian, The Independent, The Washington Quarterly, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist etc. His first book, Why Europe will run the 21st Century, has been translated into 18 languages. Mark is currently working on his second book, 'What does China think?' which will be published in 2008.

*Organised by LSESU China Development Society

Implications of Taiwan's election for Cross-straight relations

Time: 6 - 7pm
Venue: E304
Speaker: Professor Chris Hughes from the International Relations Department at the LSE.
*Organised by LSESU CSSA

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